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Love this game - right up my alley; unfortunately there's a bug early on. The safe code does not work w/ safe, preventing progress. I've seen reports of other users having the same issue.

Tested and working fine on the latest windows version.   If you have issues please post a screen shot of what is happening so I can attempt to recreate it or hop into the discord.  

Yeah Hi. I downloaded this game but when I run it, it just forces me to the steam page for it? 


launch from itchio app.


pretty decent. you need a big brain for this game. I like that the game has a note book built in so I don't have to tab out and use notepad. However, I really do not like the font used for in game text. It looks atrocious. Surely there's a better font that could have been used and a smaller size font as well


We will consider other fonts in the next update.  We need to find one that is clear and easy to read across a range of sizes. 

Version 254 Crashes Right after the 'a game by screen' and then opens the steam page for the game? Help?

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launch via the itchio app


I don't want to use the app why is that necessary?


Because it will not launch without using either Steam or Itchio launcher.