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Dark Hope: A Puzzle Adventure

Find your way home in this Puzzle adventure mystery · By BrokenBunnyStudios


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Huge flash sale !
Huge flash sale 80 percent off for 12 hours only!...
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Find your way home in this Puzzle adventure mystery
Dark Hope: Launch day!
This is it! Today we soft launch Dark Hope on! Each copy comes with a steam key which will activate upon official release Jan 17th. It has been a long a...
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Bug fixes for nightly build
Tonights update mostly covers some minor bugs. Fixed issue where book graphics were not loading correctly Fixed issue where player could get stuck inside elevat...
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Nightly builds
Wow what a task. We are pushing nightly builds and rapidly updating and building out this game. We hope to have all the hints and clues in place for all curr...
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Some minor updates
Today we have shifted focus away from building late game puzzles and moved back to focusing on the initial level aesthetics. You will notice in the most rec...
Dark Hope Moving into early access
After months of development we are at the stage where this thing we are making can be called a GAME! Keeping with our traditions of extremely open development...
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